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Replacing Your Old Windows: New Window Types & Their Benefits

window replacement auburn waWith spring finally here, now is the time to start addressing any issues of draftiness that you might have noticed with your home during the long winter months. There is no better sign that it's time to replace your home's older windows with something fresh and new than when you notice that your current ones are making it difficult for your home to maintain a constant temperature or you notice that the rooms with windows have a significant temperature difference than the other rooms in your home. When you do make the decision to replace your old windows in Auburn, the question then becomes, do you stick with the same kind of window, or do you try something completely different?

Most replacement windows are designed to fit the existing opening from your old windows, leaving you with much the same look and feel that your older, lower quality windows gave you, however, after you make the decision to replace those old windows, you have a prime opportunity on your hands to bring new life to the interior and exterior of your home by changing the dimensions of your window openings or bringing in new shapes, designs, or styles. If you think it's time you tried something new with your home's windows, the decision you then have on your hands is what you are going to go with. In an effort to help you with that decision, we have put together a short list of four of the more popular window types we install for our local customers.

Single & Double Hung Windows

Single and double hung windows are a commonly chosen Auburn window replacement option among homeowners, and consist of two separate frames, each of which contains a glass pane. If both of these frames move up and down, it is called a double hung window, and if only the bottom one can be moved, it is single hung. A double hung windows provides you with a great deal more ventilation than you can get with a single hung window, and they also tend to be a safer option in homes with small children as you can just open the top frame while leaving the bottom one securely closed, allowing you to get fresh air into the home without risking the safety of your children.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are a unique type of window that is usually hinged at the top, allowing it to be opened out from the bottom. This design allows you to effectively create an awning that you can even leave open during rainy weather without the risk of water pouring into your home. Because of the unique design of awning windows, they are also excellent when it comes to sealing against air and moisture from outside of your home. Because of this, awning windows tend to be a very popular option, especially in wetter climates.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are generally composed of a large framed pane of glass, often much taller than it is wide, and usually hinged on one side. This particular window types swings open like a door, and it is usually controlled by a small hand crank or lever. Casement windows are excellent for homeowners that are looking for something a big taller and more drastic when it comes to their windows, as some of them even go from floor to ceiling. Because of their size, these windows tend to let in a great deal more air and light, making them a perfect option for homeowners wanting to brighten up their interior spaces.

Slider Replacement Windows in Auburn

Also known as gliders, these windows do exactly what the name implies. They have no springs, pulleys, or the like required for opening, making them an extremely low maintenance option and highly cost effective. With slider windows, you have a latch release on one side that allows the window to slide open, and that's as complicated as it gets. Sliders offer a number of the same advantages of casement windows, but because they open from side to side, they prove to be a more effective option if you are working with limited space in your home.

If you are looking for a professional window replacement contractor in Auburn, give us a call at 253-288-0151 or complete our online request form.

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